The engineering center presented a robotic soil sampler

The business program of the conference included scientific and practical sessions, presentations of the latest developments in the field of agricultural technologies and an exhibition.

As part of the exhibition program of the forum, the RGAU-MSHA Engineering Center presented a robotic soil sampler, developed jointly with the Research and Production Center "Roboprob". The caterpillar self-propelled agricultural machine provides full automation of soil sampling with GLONASS positioning accuracy up to 1 m.

The caterpillar mover provides the speed of movement on the ground from point to point up to 35 km / h, while the productivity of mixed samples is up to 20 pieces per hour. A robotic soil sampler can replace the hard physical labor of at least five specialists, guaranteeing high quality work and eliminating the human factor.

According to the specialists of the Engineering Center, research is currently underway to improve the design of the sampler, field tests and develop recommendations for the serial use of the machine. At the same time, testing of the corresponding cloud service is being carried out.

At the Agropolygon 2022 exhibition, the work of the sampler was demonstrated to Georgy Yuryevich Filimonov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Moscow Region. He noted the high scientific and technical level of the machine and expressed his desire to develop research in this area for the agrochemical services of the region and the country as a whole.