On October 27, the IV Federal IT Forum of the agro-industrial complex of Russia - "Smart Agro: Digital Transformation in Agriculture" was held at the Engineering Center of the Timiryazev Academy

The forum was supported by the relevant ministries, industry unions and associations: Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Agricultural Academy named after. K. A. Timiryazeva, Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region, Department of Agriculture and Food of the Smolensk Region, Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tyva, Ministry of Agriculture and Processing Industry of Kuzbass, Own Farming - a digital ecosystem for agricultural enterprises developed by Rosselkhozbank , SC "AgroTerra", Union of Organic Farming, Association "Siberian Grain Consortium", Union of Sugar Producers of Russia (SOYUZROSSAKHAR), Association of Developers and Manufacturers of Radioelectronic Equipment for the Agro-Industrial Complex "ElectronAgro", Union of Potato and Vegetable Market Participants (Potato Union), Russian Union milling and cereal enterprises, the Association of Dealers of Agricultural Machinery "ASKHOD", the National Association of Participants in the Robotics Market (NAURR), the Big Data Association (BDA), the Club of IT & Digital Directors, the RUSSOFT Non-Commercial Partnership, the Association of data center (DPC) industry experts, the Association for the Internet of Things, the Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP Russian Chapter), the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI France Russie), the Association "Open Network Technologies" and the International Academy of Telecommunications (IAC ).

The forum was opened with a welcoming speech by Ivan Svinarev, Deputy Vice-Rector for Science of the Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Agricultural Academy. K. A. Timiryazev.

The plenary discussion "Digital self-sufficiency in the agro-industrial complex - from slogan to practice" was held by Anton Kurash, Vision project manager, ComNews. Experts took part in the discussion: Lyalya Davletbaeva, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Oleg Alexandrov, Head of the Innovation Technologies Project, Rostselmash, Olga Chagina, Head of the Research and Development Department of the Center for the Development of Financial Technologies, Rosselkhozbank JSC, Roman Petrov , Director of the Information Technology Group, AgroTerra Group of Companies, Nikita Utkin, Chairman, Technical Committee of Rosstandart 194 (TC 194), Denis Skripka, Head of Development and Sales, Digital Agro LLC. The participants discussed how, taking into account the new geopolitical conditions, it is necessary to change the corporate IT infrastructure of agro-industrial enterprises, how to provide support for non-alternative imported IT solutions, and what is more in demand in the current conditions: the ideology of digital transformation or support for existing solutions and processes is becoming a more important task.
The final speech was made by Deputy Director of the Department of Digital Development and Management of State Information Resources of the AIC of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Maxim Zakharov.

As part of the event, a trilateral agreement was signed between the Timiryazev Academy, the ElectronAgro Association and the Agronote company.

After the plenary discussion, the session “Digital field of experiments: what technologies do farmers need in the new realities” took place. The session was sponsored by Turbo and Digital Agro LLC. The moderator was Anton Kurash, project manager for Vision, ComNews.
The reports within the session were presented by: Lyalya Davletbaeva, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Bashkortostan with the topic: “The experience of integrating digital solutions in the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Bashkortostan”, Ilya Vladimirovich, TURBO Product Director, Consyst Business Group with the topic: “Asset Management in agro-industrial sector”, Denis Skripka, head of development and sales, Digital Agro LLC with the topic: “Digital services in the agro-industrial complex: real efficiency and development problems. Experience in implementing IT in agroservices”, Olga Chagina, Head of Research and Development Department of the Center for the Development of Financial Technologies, Rosselkhozbank JSC with the topic: “Digital Ecosystem for the Agro-Industrial Complex Svoye Farming from Rosselkhozbank”, Grigory Bolotin, Founder, Healthy Garden (LLC “ Urban Agrotechnologies) with the theme: “Healthy Garden vertical greenhouses: not a competitor, but part of the agro-industrial complex. Technological startup in the era of sanctions”, Maxim Boltachev, General Director, Terra Tech JSC with the topic: “Automatic asset inventory platform”, Artyom Novikov, Head of the Smart Farming department, EkoNivaTekhnika-Holding LLC with the topic: “Precision farming – the trend of agriculture. Tools. Technologies”, Yuriy Shvydchenko, director of technological practice, “Technologies of Trust” with the topic: “Approaches to import substitution. Key features of import substitution and localization processes in IT. Opportunities to replicate current experience”, Mikhail Mizin, Member of the Board, Association of Dealers of Agricultural Machinery “ASHOD” with the theme: “Search and implementation of promising agricultural start-ups in the agro-industrial complex”.

Session 2 “Russian agricultural engineering and equipment. Prospects for Development under Sanctions” was moderated by Valery Petrunin, Director for Strategic