The Engineering Center hosted scientific discussions on precision agricultural technologies

Important scientific issues were discussed at the event, including the organization of a "living laboratory" on the basis of ECTA - a new type of platform for building interaction on precision farming. Alexei Trubnikov, director of the ElectronAgro Association and one of the main strategists in this area, noted the importance of the project, which should be located on the territory of the country's leading agricultural university.

The moderator of the event, director of the Engineering Center of the Timiryazev Academy Vitaly Demidochkin pointed out that building targeted interaction between universities, organizations in the real sector of the economy and agricultural producers is the most important task, the solution of which will allow not only to “hear each other”, but also to influence the processes of technology development precision farming, their implementation and targeted training.

The participants assessed the scientific and technical potential of the RGAU-MSHA for the creation, testing and development of new technologies for precision farming, effective training and retraining of qualified personnel, organization of advanced training courses involving leading specialists from the real sector of the economy.

There were also discussions of specific tasks facing the agro-industrial complex, to the solution of which the RGAU-MSHA and the ElectronAgro Association could jointly join in the near future. We highly appreciated the potential of such interaction. Director of the Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology Dmitry Ryabov and acting Director of the Institute of Animal Science and Biology, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yusupzhan Yuldashbaev.

As a result of the discussion, it was decided to analyze the capabilities of the institutes and research centers of the Timiryazev Academy to participate in the development of new technologies for precision farming. The participants agreed to discuss this issue during the project-practical session, which will be held on December 6-7, 2022.

RGAU-MSCA should consolidate the image of the leading coordinator in the field of education among agricultural universities, and the Engineering Center can turn into a basic methodological center and become a center for scaling advanced solutions in the agricultural industry, - said Academician of the International Academy of Communications, Professor Vyacheslav Afanasiev in his closing speech.