The engineering center implemented the first courses on the programs of DPO

Advanced training courses were developed and implemented at the university within the framework of an agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on the grant for the creation and development of an Engineering Center on the basis of the RGAU-MSHA in order to implement the federal project "Development of Infrastructure for Research and Training" of the national project "Science and Universities".

The program "Principles of vertical gardening with the use of modern irrigation technologies" was developed by university teachers under the guidance of the head of the Department of Decorative Gardening and Lawn Science Svetlana Vitalievna Tazina.

Scientists have prepared a series of lectures on vertical gardening, introductory material in the form of glossaries, recommended literature, as well as intermediate and final tests. The materials were presented in an easily accessible form and interested the listeners.

As part of the training on the basis of the Botanical Garden named after S.I. Rostovtsev, a practical lesson was held on the propagation of ornamental flower crops. The students learned how to perform all technological operations: sowing, picking, cutting, dividing the bush, planting, transplanting, transshipment. The students worked with ornamental crops – pomegranate, balsam, ivy, Chinese hibiscus.

In addition, the head of the Rostovtsev Botanical Garden Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Mitkovskaya held a master class "Creating a vertical phytocomposition by the hands of listeners. Planting plants in modules. The practice of creating phytosten".

The seminars were attended by leading experts-practitioners – Natalia Vladimirovna Bagaeva, General Director of Vertical Therapeutic Gardens LLC, with the topic "Technology for creating a vertical garden on rare irrigation modules" and Yulia Sergeevna Bysova, Development Director of Central Park Group, with the topic "Overview of equipment and modern technologies for the use of automatic irrigation systems for vertical landscaping of urban space, interior phytocompositions".

The course program "Installation and operation of pumps and pumping stations" under the guidance of the head of the Department of Agricultural Water Supply, Sanitation, pumps and pumping stations Ali Munzer Suleiman is designed to improve the professional qualifications of specialists in the field of water supply and sanitation, automatic irrigation systems, agronomists and gardeners.

Within the framework of this course, students studied the design and characteristics of the latest types of pumps and pumping units used in reclamation systems and in water supply and sanitation systems, learned about the hydraulic processes of energy transfer in the unit. The students also learned how to determine the parameters necessary for the design of pumping stations.

During practical classes in the laboratories of the Institute of Land Reclamation, Water Management and Construction named after A.N. Kostyakov, centrifugal pumps were tested, the elements that make up the hydraulic unit of the pumping station, the schemes of hydraulic units of pumping stations with different intake and water supply methods were disassembled, the features of cavitation tests of pumps were considered.

Within the framework of the practical seminar "ESPA pumps and pumping equipment for automatic irrigation systems. Selection, installation and proper operation" were made by Ruben Garcia and Andrey Kutuzov – leading experts in practice, representatives of ESPA, a world leader in the production of pumping equipment.

Upon completion of the training, students were issued certificates of professional development of the established sample.

Organizational, technical and methodological support of advanced training courses was provided by Associate Professor of the Department of Information Technology in the Agroindustrial Complex Nadezhda Vladimirovna Gavrilovskaya.