The Engineering Center introduced students to modern automatic irrigation systems

The training seminar was built in such a way that both university students and specialized specialists received a lot of useful information. In the first part, Alexey Kartashov, General Director of Central Park Group, spoke about the automatic irrigation system as a whole, gave examples from practice, demonstrated video materials and equipment for automatic irrigation.

Hunterindustries Customer Service Manager Oleg Galochkin delved into the topic of "smart" remotes with support for Hydrawise and decoder system. This part was of interest to industry professionals and students who plan to link their professional activities with landscape design and automatic watering in the future.

The practical part of the event was held on the territory of the Historical Park. First of all, the participants were introduced to the components of the automatic irrigation system, showed the types of irrigation, demonstrated control through the Hydrawise application and the decoder system.

The training seminar was attended by more than 60 students, most of whom were university students. Among those present were also university professors and specialists in the field of automatic irrigation systems.

After the speakers' speech, the participants of the event asked questions about the technical characteristics, the implementation of projects and the financial component, including the payback of the automatic irrigation system. The organizers note that they have received a large number of positive responses, and similar events will be held in the future.