Application of modern hydrobiological methods for assessing water quality

Date: according to the size of the group Training period: 36 academic hours. Form of education: part-time.

The purpose of the courses: To acquaint with the scientific foundations of hydrobiology and practical methods for assessing water quality, typing hydroecosystems according to the dynamics of abiotic factors and a set of indicator species, calculating the quantitative indicators of hydrobiont groups (number, biomass), identifying and determining the dominant species of hydrobionts. Great importance is given to teaching methods for assessing the quality of water in water bodies in terms of hydrobiological indicators. To study the effects of various environmental factors on organisms, populations and ecosystems of hydrobionts, as well as the interaction of living organisms in different aquatic ecosystems in order to understand the ecological processes occurring in the aquatic environment and manage these processes in order to optimize the use of water resources.
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